Homework and Reminders

This week we are working on RL.4.7 in Reading and G.1 points, lines, rays, etc
Students should be completing one Readtheory quiz every night. By Friday if they have done their quizzes all week they will get a 100 percent HW grade! Please ensure you are checking that your child has done their Homework daily and sign their planners! Thank you!
khanacademy code- 2WSQ2Z65

9/11Reading Homework Readtheory
Math Homework-Red Book pg. 307-309
Spelling Choiceboard

9/12 Reading Homework Readtheory
Math Homework-311-313
Spelling Choiceboard

9/13 Reading Homework Readtheory
Math Homework:Red Book pg. 317-320
Spelling Choiceboard

9/14 Reading Homework: Readtheory
Math Homework-pg 323-326
Spelling Choiceboard
Spelling Choice board