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Welcome to Mrs. Barner's 2nd grade class!

I am so excited to learn alongside your student this school year. My focus this year is to help your student become more independent in their academics and problem solving skills. Students will be learning how to complete tasks independently, stay organized and turn things in on time. Please check out our weekly announcements called "Camp News" and email me if you have questions.

Whitson, Rebecca - 1st / Sight Words
Below is the list of sight words we have already learned this school year:
to have they never are
what funny some where were
of for fall live from
all come open things today
good our do give does
then long their saw was
many there said them other
after little her want how 
another white draw about five
if school or any small
don't would off out more
going which bring with round
been done even one different
every far eight try walk
why because could eat you
together around first its part
both clean drink must these
always blue put only found
no now myself on laugh
hurt buy four hold again
who new look shall read
those used so right once
but each fly here kind
words know most two full
by goes time through water
better away show pretty place
soon pull over also carry
people warm wash call very
start please thank own before
work years three into such





How to Set Up a Sound Wall in Kindergarten, Early Elementary - Lessons for  Little Ones by Tina O'Block

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Please check out the Amazon "Wish List" below to see what our classroom still needs for this year. If you are able to donate, we would be very grateful!


What can I do to help my student at home?

1. Have your student practice on and (Usernames and passwords can be found in student's take home folders.)

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2. Have your student practice in a workbook every day. Here are my best suggestions for workbooks at home. Any book from the "180 days of..." series are excellent!

3. Check out our "math lessons" and "reading practice" tabs on our class website. You will find more resources that can printed off at home or pulled up on a computer for students to complete on paper. Please email me if you are looking for something specific for your student to practice that you cannot find under these tabs!

Parent Resources / School Supply List

Second grade supply list 2022-2023

1 Bookbag (no wheeled bookbags) 
3 Composition notebooks (bound, not spiral)
2 Packages of #2 sharpened pencils (Ticonderoga® brand pencils)
1 Package of crayons 
1 Five Star ® Plastic folder with prongs (Communication folder) **Five Star® will last ALL YEAR
1 Plastic two-pocked folder
1 Package of pencil top erasers 
1 Container of Clorox® wipes 
1 Box of facial tissues 
1 Pair of scissors 
1 Package of glue sticks 
2 Packages of thin Expo® markers (black only) 
1 Pair of headphones (cannot be Bluetooth) 
No personal pencil pouches or pencil boxes

Every student will need their own individual art bags with the following supplies:
1 Box of Prang® or Crayola® 8 color watercolors
1 Box of Crayola ® Basics Washable markers (8 or 12 colors) Regular Size – no fine points or scented markers please Black 
2 Elmer’s ® glue sticks 
6 #2 pencils, sharpened 
1 Large rubber eraser 
1 Large (gallon-size) zippered fabric or heavy-duty plastic bag to store all art supplies. Please do not buy the plastic boxes because they do not hold up to the wear and tear. 
Please write your child’s name in permanent marker on each item for their art bag.
*Please send your student's art bag to school already put together*

2nd Grade Supply List 2022-2023.pdf