Allison Andrews

This Week's News
March 20-24, 2023

Literacy: This week students will learn to describe how words and phrases supply rhythm and meaning in a story, poem, or song. (RL.2.4) We are continuing to write complete sentences with correct sentence structure.  We are also working on, using the question to form our answers to make complete sentences.
Phonics: Diphthong /oi/  

Math: This week students will learn how to solve word problems involving: quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies within 99¢, using the ¢ symbol appropriately, whole dollar amounts, using the $ symbol appropriately. NC.2.MD.8

Science:  This week in Science students will begin learning about the scientific method.
Monthly Character Trait- March:
 Fitness and self-control 
March Birthdays! 

Jase- March 7  

Homework for this week- Math: Lesson 6 pages 113-116, Reading: “Rhyming Poem” sheet and “The Tiger and the Toucan” 

Important Dates:
March 29-April 6th
- Book Fair 
April 7-16th- Spring Break (No school) 
April 18th- PE Putt-Putt Field Trip 
April 21st- Progress Reports
May 4th-Field Day
May 24th Last Day of School (Early Release at 11:30)

 Water bottles- Please send a water bottle daily with your child, with only water in it.  Please do not send juice, soda, gatorade, etc.  We will only allow your child to have water during the day. 

Snack- Please send in a healthy snack daily with your child.  No sweets or candy (at lunch or snack)!!

Hot Lunch - Please order before midnight on Thursday for the following week.  

***PE is every Monday.  Your child must wear tennis shoes to participate.  

***Please send a note in with your child if they have been absent from school or have transportation changes.***



How to Set Up a Sound Wall in Kindergarten, Early Elementary - Lessons for  Little Ones by Tina O'Block