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STEM Careers and RMA

STEM Careers and RMA
Posted on 11/09/2021

National STEM day was November 8 and to celebrate, we are asking members of our RMA community to share with us their STEM Occupation.  Please use the Flipgrid link below to add a short 3min video describing your STEM occupation.  STEM is a very broad field and if you are wondering if your career fits into STEM, you can you browse the STEM occupations link below.

Flipgrid join link:


Password: Rmastem21

STEM Occupations:


Please include the following in your video:                    

1) Name, Career Title and Job Responsibilities

2) Why did you choose your career?                                                

3) Schooling: Years and Colleges/Universities attended

4) Favorite and Challenging Classes

5) Favorite and Challenging things about your 5) Favorite and Challenging things about your career