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Ice Cream Purchasing Restrictions

Ice Cream Availability
Posted on 10/30/2021
ice creamBeginning Monday, November 1st middle school and high school students will be allowed to purchase ice cream only on Mondays and Wednesdays. (Currently, there are no restrictions on when middle and high school students can purchase ice cream.) As you may have noticed if you shop for groceries, some items are in low supply. This is also true for bulk orders that the school places through food distributors for items sold in the cafeteria. Individually wrapped ice cream varieties are not availaible to order in the quantities that River Mill Academy needs in order to continue offering ice cream in the cafeteria. Elementary students are already restricted to purchasing ice cream on one dedicated "ice cream day" each week. We hope that by restricting middle and high school purchases that we will be able to continue to offer ice cream. Please note that there may be days that we do not have ice cream available at all due to purchasing restrictions. Thank you for your patience and understanding.