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Fall Picture Days

Fall Picture Days - September 15 & 16
Posted on 09/03/2021
Fall Pictures 2021York Photography Studio will be on campus on September 15 & 16 to photograph students in grades kindergarten through 11th grade for the Yearbook. Every student will receive a Fall Picture Reminder sheet and schedule indicating their picture day and time. The reminder sheet also includes suggestions on clothing and ordering instructions.

Fall Picture Reminder Sheet

September 15
 Station 1  Station 2
 8:15 am  2-Rives  K-Gillan
 8:40 am  K-Loy  1-Richman
 9:05 am  1-Smith  K-Murray
 9:30 am  3-Taylor  2-Wrin
 9:55 am  3-Maness  2-Stanley
10:20 am   1-Rollings  3-Lovette
10:45 am  6th Grade  during 2nd period
11:10 am  7th Grade  during 2nd period
 September 16
 Station 1  Station 2
 8:15 am  4-Guifarro  4-Hochreiter
 8:40 am  4-Johnson  5-Baker
 9:05 am  5-Roswick  5-Horning
 9:30 am  Cushing, Dragon   R Miller, Naru
 9:55 am  Perkins, Solomon  Solomon, Boyd
10:20 am  Stapnes  Yunez
10:45 am  ACC Amer Hist  8th Grade
11:10 am  8th Grade  
11:40 am  Last Call