Art II

High School Art 2

Sharon Wilson
Visual Arts II
River Mill Academy

Course Description
    Art II students will work to develop deeper and more profound work to reflect their emotional maturity, their creativity, and critical problem solving abilities.  The class will introduce students to multiple mediums and materials through various projects developed in class and through homework.  Students will study advanced drawing, design, printmaking, fiber arts, and painting.  Students will participate in art exhibitions and competitions.  Students will prepare and present a portfolio of visual art created in this class.  The components of the creative process will use a variety of approaches that integrate history, art appreciation, aesthetics, criticism, vocabulary and classroom work.

    Students will be evaluated individually for creative thinking, project development, class performance, homework, craftsmanship, artistic vocabulary use, art history and personal artistic growth.  The final portfolio presentation is required of each student.

Class materials
    Each student should have the following for class each day:
    #2 graphite pencils (no mechanical pencils allowed for drawing)
    White or gum Art eraser
    Colored pencils
    Colored markers washable  (basic 8 color set)
    2 black permanent Sharpie pens    
    1 black ink ball point pen
    1 Crayola or Prang Watercolor Set (8 color set only)

    Art bags for storage (Large fabric or heavy plastic with zipper closure)
     Folder for notes and handouts storage

Class rules
    Student will respect the teacher and classmates in all actions, attitude and behavior at all time.

    Student will arrive to class on time, and be prepared to work with all necessary art supplies or materials.

    Student will not waste school or personal art materials.

    Student should gain teacher permission before leaving class for any reason.

    Student will be responsible for all missed class work and outside assignments.  (The student must meet with the teacher after class to arrange make-up work or time.)
    Horseplay or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated in this educational setting.   

    All RMA School handbook rules apply at all times.

Contact Teacher   
    Phone: 336 229 0909 ext. 7550 before or after school and during planning only.
    School e-mail: [email protected]