8th Grade

Week 2 Q1 - Wetland, watershed, estuaries

Lesson Questions

  • What is a watershed and what are the major watersheds in your state?
  • What are the components and characteristics of a river system?
  • Why are wetlands important?
  • Why are estuaries important?
  • How can the water quality in a watershed be affected by human activity?

Key Vocabulary

salt watercoastal plainmeanderfreshwaterfloodplain,estuarymangroveerosionwater cyclehabitatdischarge (stream)landformelevationbirdriverpollutantsediment,geographynutrients,       precpitationenvironmentclimate,biomepollutionstreamaquaticnatural resourceswater,biological diversitywetlanddeltaalgaegroundwater

Week 1 Q1 - Water Quality:

Lesson Questions:

  • How can physical and chemical factors, such as temperature, dissolved oxygenpHsalinityturbidity and nitrates, be used to determine the health of an aquatic ecosystem?
  • What can bioindicators, such as the number and types of macroinvertebrates, reveal about the health of an aquatic ecosystem?

Key Vocabulary- Water Quality

algae, aquatic, bacteria, environment, erosion, estuary, freshwater, groundwater, habitat, natural resources, ocean, rain, salt water, water, water cycle