***ELA Classes--Don't forget VOCAB is now assigned on Fridays and DUE on the following Friday... PLEASE check the web site.

No Vocab for the week of 2/10/2020 due to inclement weather.

6th Grade... Test scheduled for 2/11/2020 has been moved to 2/14/2020

7th Grade Parents
The Research project for my class has been officially assigned and a Research Tab has been added to my web site.

PLEASE check the Assignment page for your class DAILY. 

All homework assignments, class work, testing dates, and project due dates will be posted on these pages daily.

1.  Please check the supply list for each  class.
2.  Please pick up a syllabus for my class at Orientation on August 7th
3.  Contact information should be returned no later than August 16th.

Contacting me through my direct email at...
{} is the BEST option.  I will respond within 24 hours.