Paula Horning

          Next week-Check In 2
        Reading (Tuesday), Math    (Wednesday) and Science (online-                      Thursday)
Please be reviewing their notes and working extra math problems on division of fractions/addition and subtraction on decimals.

PLease continue to study the Northeastern and Southern states and capitals while we learn the MID WEST. The next test will have the states of all 3 regions.

Multiplication Masters-We are in the lead!! We only have 5 students left to conquer the multiplication facts. PLease continue to flash card your student to help them know them quickly. They receive a certificate and their names on the wall in the lobby!! Ask your child if their name is on the wall??? 
              Let's Make this 9 weeks the Best ever! Stay alert and make sure students are completing homework and taking on the resposibility for their education. It has begun and they are ready to WORK!!

After you and your child read the pages please remind them to repeat this to me this way and they will receive $100.
Good, Better, Best
I WILL Never let it rest!
Until MY Good is Better and
MY Better is BEST!!!