Paula Horning

Woohoo! The first nine weeks is over along with the North Carolina Check In and it will be Christmas before you know it. Please know that we are learning lots of exciting thing this second nine weeks.

Math-Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing fractions and decimals.
Double digit divisors into 3 and 4 digit dividends. (Your child MUST KNOW all their multiplication facts to ensure success!!)
Reading-Book Report on an Informational Text. Using strategies taught in class when answering questions about a text Mark it UP!! Where are the details in the story that back up your answers? Underline and number where the text backs up your answer.
Science-We will learn the difference between weather and climate. We will identify and know what each weather instrument does. 
We will learn about jet streams, currents and rain patterns. Then move into the different body systems.
Social Studies- We are learning about the early explorers. 

    Class Moto
   Good, Better, Best
   Never let it rest
  Till your Good is Better
   and YOUR Better is BEST!!
   I can't wait to see YOU!!


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