Classroom Rules & Behavior Plan
Respect Yourself and Others
Keep Our Classroom Neat and Clean
Listen and Follow All Directions
Be Prepared
Always Try Your Best

Behavior Plan - Baker's Bucks

Our Classroom will operate on a classroom economy system. Students will be rewarded for good behavior, completed homework, completion of their classroom job, compliments, group work, grades, classroom donations, etc.


Students who choose not to do what is expected must pay money for breaking the rules. The following will result in consequences: incomplete homework, not turning in Friday Folders on time, not being prepared for class, talking without permission, getting out of their seat, etc. Students are given three chances before they are written up (office referral). First, students are given a verbal warning. Next, money is taken. Then, parents are contacted. Lastly, the student is referred to the office. Steps may be skipped if the severity of the behavior demands it.