Brandi Stanley

Welcome to Mrs. Stanley's Second Grade Classroom! 


Another wonderful week in second grade! I am enjoying seeing all of the students start to show their personalities more and more every day. Please make sure to continue talking with your child about behavior expectations in the classroom.  

**Be sure to ask them what their reading goal is! (Answer: May vary, I have given out new goals this week to each student) They should be asking themselves, what happened on each page and who was on each page, to check for understanding (to make sure they are comprehending what they are reading.) I made sure to explain to them that doing this will help them become a better reader. 

Hello parents/guardians, 


I would like to inform you all of an update I will be implementing starting tomorrow. I will hold virtual office hours from 9am -11 am Monday-Friday. I am available all day via Email, however, these two "office hours" I will be at my computer ready to respond quickly to any questions or concerns. I will also be avaible to video chat as well. I have created a Zoom account for our classroom. I tested it out today, and was able to successfully live video chat. I have sent out an invitation through class Dojo with the link. The invitation includes the link to access it, the topic and time, and also the ID to get into the meeting. I will be attempting to read chapter seven of Charlotte's Web live!! My hope is that all students that are present will be able to repsond and talk to me (and each other) in real time while I am reading. Please check your Dojo for this invitation. There is an App you may download, but you may also access the website via internet as well. 

 I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy. I will be hosting a zoom meeting tomorrow at 12,  I will send that invitation out today via dojo. Below, you will find the information for the instructions and assignments or this week, you can also find this information on my classroom website. Remember, to access these assignments you have to go to my classroom webpage, and click the distant learning link, I have everything categorized by subject and week. I have also attached Spanish assignments that I grabbed from our awesome Spanish teacher (Mrs. Hannon). She wanted all teachers to let parents know she is posting activities on her teacher webpage as well. I realize it is a lot of information coming at you all at once, I tried this week to split the assignments up per day. This may help you, it may not. Again, have GRACE this is new to everyone and we are all doing the best we can. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me!!! 

I have created a tab on the left side of this webpage -Extended Learning resources where I have linked two folders inside the tab- Reading and Math. These include reading and math resources. Each week we are not in school, I will update this homepage with page numbers I recommend for your child to complete.

 I encourage you to set aside time each day throughout the day for your child to focus on and complete reading and math assignments. This is to ensure students are still practicing and reviewing their skills we have learned thus far in the school year. This is a very uncertain time, the main priority is keeping your family safe. These are resources and activities that can be utilized during this unfortunate time away from school. 

Week One: suggested assignments(3/16-3/20) MATH: Go to "Extended Learning Resources" tab, click on the math folder. Then, click on the link under the folder- Iready Math file. We recommend students work on pages 9-12 for this week. In addition to utilizing the sprint (yellow) books that came home during conferences last week. 

Week Two: Suggested assignments (3/23-3/27) - Go to "Extended Learning Resources" tab, click on the math folder. Then, click on the link under the folder- Iready Math file. We recommend students work on pages 20-21,23 for this week. In addition to utilizing the sprint (yellow) books that came home during conferences last week. 

Week 3 MATH Suggested Assignments (3/30 - 4/3):

-Lesson 4 Understand Even and Odd Numbers file

-Lesson 5 add using arrays

Monday - Start with lesson 4 understand even and odd numbers. (Pg. 1-3) – making groups of 2. If everyone has a pair or partner then the total number is even. If there is an object left out then the total number is odd.

Tuesday – Lesson 4 (Pg. 5-6) We learned that when you look at a 2-digit number for example (15) if they cover the tens place or underline the ones place they focus just on the 5, we know that 5 is an odd number because we cannot make even groups. Since 5 is odd then that makes the number 15 odd. They can also think about we can create the number 15 by adding 10+5, they know that 10 will always be even so we only have to look at the 5.

Wednesday – Lesson 5 add using arrays (pg. 1-2) We have talked about how rows are side to side and columns go up and down! We use arrays to help us arrange objects or counters to make them easier to count. I showed them an example if we had 9 hats all spread out we would have to count each individual hat. If they were arranged into an array we could skip count 3 + 3 + 3 to get 9 a lot quicker.

Thursday – Lesson 5 add using arrays (pg. 3-6)

Friday – Lesson 5 add using arrays (pg. 7-8)


Week one suggested assignments(3/16-3/20) READING: Go to "Extended Learning Resources" tab, click on the reading folder. Then, click on the link under the folder- Iready Reading file. We recommend students work on pages 18,19,20,23-27, 29-35 for this week.  In addition to reading each day for at least 20 minutes. 

Week Two Suggested Reading (3/23-3/27)Go to "Extended Learning Resources" tab, click on the reading folder. Then, click on the link under the folder sound and meaning in Stories and rhythm and meaning in poems - work through the files. Don’t forget to read for at least 20 minutes every day! Use the reading choice board to read in fun new places! Work on your stamina 😊


Week 3 READING Suggested Assignments (3/30 - 4/3):

-Lesson 16 – Parts of a Story: think back to when we learned about B, M, E. Each part of a story has a key part to it. In the beginning of the story we learn about the characters, setting, and if there is a problem. In the middle of the story the characters are either working towards solving the problem or the problem gets worse before it can get better. By the end of the story the characters have solved the problem and have figured out the solution of the story. We have also learned that many stories have lessons or morals that the characters experience.

Monday – complete pages 1-4 (Jasper the Farm Cat)

Tuesday – complete pages 5-8 (The Case of the Missing Mutt)

Wednesday – complete pages 9-12 (The Shade Seller)

Thursday – complete pages 13-14

Friday – Pick out your own book at home and fill out what happens in the B, M, E.

Spelling/Writing Suggested Assignments (3/23-3/27): 

Week one- -Go to Extended Learning tab on left side of this page. 

-Click "spelling/writing” folder and there are two word work files. Work through the week one and week two word work files. Week 1 file- start at page 7, and week 2 file start at page 9. 

-Students can use their sight word sheet that was sent home during conferences. Your child can use the word choice board in their folder to practice their sight words and spelling words. 

Science Week one- Go to "Extended Learning Resources" tab, click on the science folder. We started learning about the Scientific Method, there are a few activities they can choose from to practice. 

Week 2 SCIENCE Suggested Assignments (3/23-3/27): 

Maker Station file- pick an activity to do.  Then write a reflection on how the activity went. 

Week 3 SCIENCE Suggested Assignments (3/30 - 4/3):

Maker Station file- pick an activity to do. Then write a 5 sentence reflection on how the activity went. Your reflection can include: what materials did you use, what did you do in your experiment, was your prediction/hypothesis correct?

Here is a link to BrainPOP- free access. Within BrainPOP, you can search science topics. We are currently learning about scientific method. There is access to videos, worksheets, and learning projects.

This is a google form that is compiling all of the free resources/ websites giving free access during the school closures: 

http://http//  (parents can create a free login to access the science experiments)  
(Virtual Field Trips) can make your own spinner for any subject - this can be used for writing topics your child can do at home! 

One more thing, I have called the student Treasures Publishing company (the company for our class book) We will obviously not be able to submit that by the publishing date. I have called the company and left a message. If you sent in a check, or put your card information on the form, I have them all in the publishing box. Nothing will be charged, it was not going to be charged until the students writing was sent in. I have not sent anything in. I will let you know what the company tells me, if they just want to wait, or if I can just send it all back due to the amount of time we are going to be out. I will let you all know when they call me back. Thank you!


We have some EXCITING news!! Our class will soon become published authors!! That’s right! We will be writing our own book, and getting it published and professionally bound!! For the next couple of weeks, we will be brainstorming and researching topics that we will include in our book!! I am sending home a paper tomorrow in your child’s folder with the information. This book will also be available for purchase as well. Even if you do not wish to purchase the book, I ask that you check the box at the bottom of the form confirming you do not wish to order a book and send the form back. IF we get all the forms back (regardless if you are buying one) then the company will send us a FREE hardcover of the book for our classroom!


I want to say from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate all the donations made through the school store to our classroom. With everyone’s help, our classroom was granted $800 dollars to use to purchase materials for our classroom!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I promise everything purchased, will be to benefit each student. I am honestly blown away by the generosity of you all. I thank you so very much!




Thank you so much for your help and support with the written comprehension baggy book questions this week! We had almost the whole class turn them in today! Also, thank you for your continued support with their homework as well. We have a new incentive starting in February, we will have a celebration March 2 (the Monday after the last Friday in February) for every student who has turned in their homework on time (every Friday) for the whole month of February. These students will get to attend the celebration. Please let me know if you have any questions about this!

If your child’s headphones have broken, please try to send in a new pair if possible. We have a limited amount, and they need them for their Istation assessments on the computer.










Any work that is not finished throughout the week will be sent home Friday afternoon to be completed over the weekend and turned in on Monday. I have informed the students of this new rule, and they are going to try their best to work hard and utilize their time in class to finish their work. Any homework that is returned to school incomplete on Friday, will be sent home to complete over the weekend as well. For every day the homework is not turned in completed ten points are subtracted, which will greatly impact their overall grade.  This is not my rule, this is a Rivermill rule. Thank you for understanding and for encouraging your students to complete their homework.


Homework is due, completed, every Friday. Baggy books are also due back every Friday. The homework and baggy books will go home every Monday. Please make sure your child is completing and returning their homework on Friday, as this is taken for a great, and it will help them become better readers and better mathematicians! 

Just a reminder, we do have our Ice Cream days on Wednesday, and the cafeteria will not charge the account this year, there has to be money in the account or money sent in for ice cream. 




It is very important for your child to be reading for 20 minutes a night on their independent reading level, and answering comprehension questions about the book. (The question booklet will be sent home with the baggy books Tuesday.)



Please remember to wear tennis shoes on PE days, which are Mondays and Thursdays. 


I will also be adding more grades in to PowerSchool this weekend, if you are having trouble getting in to PowerSchool please let me know.





If you haven't sent in headphones, please try to do so at your earliest convenience, so they have them for their listening center. 



Thank you so much for all of the supplies that have been sent in, we really appreciate it! If you have not sent in your students individual supplies yet, please do so at your earliest convenience. Please also make sure all emergency forms are turned in to the office. 

Ice cream this year will be different than in the past. Students will only be able to get ice-cream if there is money in their account, or they bring in the money, there will be no charging for ice cream this year. We will do ice-cream as a class on Wednesday afternoons.  

Our lunch time is 11:00 - 11:25 this year and because of the schedule it does not leave us time to have snack in the morning. However if they do want a snack, during our D.E.A.R (drop everything and read) time is when we will do snack time. Bringing a snack is not required so please do not feel that your child needs to bring one. Please refrain from bringing anything with peanuts or nuts because we do have an allergy in the classroom. We will do ice-cream in the afternoon on Wednesdays at the same time as snack. 

If there is a change in the way that your student is being picked up PLEASE email me or send me a message on Dojo I will check both. 





Finally, here is our schedule for our specials:

Monday- PE (Wear tennis shoes)

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Media

Thursday-Music and PE (tennis shoes)


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Email me with any and all questions!!

Brandi Stanley