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to Ms.Wrin's 2nd Grade!

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Week of 1/20 - 1/24

Parent/ Guardians,
We had another great week at school! A lot of kids in the class have been sick with a stomach bug or fever so please make sure they are washing their hands and staying healthy! I will do my best to send home any work that they have missed. Please have them complete it within a couple days and send it back to school.
We have the school store up and running. You must write down the code on the front of the envelope to get the little prize stuffed animal! 
Please bring in any soda can tops that you might have at home. If we fill up the 2nd grade section 5 times then we will win a prize. They are being collected for the Ronald McDonald House.
January birthday celebrations will be celebrated on Thursday January 30th ! Sign up genius will be sent out for that aswell!
Since we are more than halfway through the school year I have noticed some of our supplies getting lower and lower. There is a sign up genius that allows you to see what kinds of things are needed in the classroom. I will send the link out to you soon! If you are able to bring in anything at all it would be extremely helpful! Even if all the slots are filled please feel free to bring it in, it will come to use this year if not then next year as well!   ( I appreciate all that you do for me and your children! )

 No school Friday! 1/31


Reading tutoring will be held Tuesday, January 28 (2:30-3:00). Math tutoring will be held the following Tuesday, February 4  (3:00-3:30).



Reminder about homework: I have some homework coming in incomplete or not done at all. If you could please check in with your student to ensure they have put their best effort into the homework each week. Homework will be sent home Monday and will be due Friday the 18th!


Words their Way is a literacy instruction tool that will help students learn different word patterns to help them not only sound out words but also spell different words with that same pattern. (For example, long vowels, short vowels or vowel teams). There are three different groups of students who will be working on different spelling lists throughout the week based on what they will need more help with thus far. At the beginning of the week I will send home their spelling list with a list of activities that they can work on throughout the week to help them recognize these spelling patterns more readily. Please recognize that even though they have spelling lists I do want them to focus on memorizing how to spell the words but more on what the spelling patterns are so that they can apply those patterns to different words with similar patterns. This is also new to me so I will be learning alongside you and your child. They will have a small quiz each Friday on words with similar spelling patterns to see how much they have grown during the week. (These words will not be the same as their spelling lists but they will have the same spelling patterns that we worked on that week.) 

I will send home homework again on Monday. It will be due on Friday. I am still missing homework from some of the kids so if your child hasn’t done it, please bring it in on Monday.  Typically each day it is late I will take off 5 points. However since it is the first week and we are still getting in the swing of it I’m not going to take off any points, but please remind your child to bring their homework in. Next week if the homework is not brought in by Friday I will begin to take off points. They have all week to do the homework so there should be plenty of time to get it done.  Please let know if you have any questions about the homework. 

It is very important for your child to be reading for 20 minutes a night with a book that is appropriate reading level.


We will have our class birthday celebration the last Friday in September which is the 27th. We will be celebrating our August and September birthdays on this date. If your child had a birthday in one of those two months you can feel free to bring in cupcakes, juice boxes, cookies, fruit, anything you would like just please let me know before hand. Also, if you could refrain from bringing anything with Peanuts in it for the class.  We will have the celebration at 1:30.

Every day starting Monday a paper will come home in their folder letting you know how many points they earned that day. On Friday we will add them all together to see how many they earned for the whole week. You will sign it every Friday. We have discussed certain rewards (dojo coupons) they can receive for every 25 points they earn. 


Ice cream this year will be different than in the past. Students will only be able to get ice-cream if there is money in their account, or they bring in the money, there will be no charging for ice cream this year. We will do ice-cream as a class on Thursday afternoons. This will be during our snack times so they will not need an additional snack on Thursdays. Again snack is not required, it is more of a time for them to read to themselves.

If there is a change in the way that your student is being picked up PLEASE email me or send me a message on Dojo I will do my best to check both.

Friday-Music & Gym