Reminder to Turn in Paperwork and Pay Fees

Reminder to Turn in Paperwork and Pay School Fees
Posted on 08/11/2019
ReminderIf you have not done so already, please complete and return the forms included in the student's Orientation Day packet of materials. The information on these forms will enable us to contact you in case of inclement weather or in the event your child is sick or injured.

In addition, please remember that school fees for Physical Education for all elementary and middle school students are due on August 16. Only those students enrolled in high school health or PE course are required to pay the PE fee.

In addition, students in 8th grade and high school must pay a $60 laptop fee. This fee is payable in three installments of $20 each. The first installment payment is due on August 16.

Please remember that it is a school policy that students who owe school fees will not be allowed to participate in school sports teams, clubs, or attend school field trips or other school events. Refer to the "Penalty for Non-Payment of Fees" in the Student/Parent Handbook and on the school's website for full details.