Weekly Announcements

September 13:

  1. Please make sure your student is completing a spelling activity each night with their homework and turning it in on Fridays. Next week students will get new lists. Your student may have a different list than they did the past two weeks. I have gone through some data and switched some students around.
  2. The Back to School dance has been rescheduled to October 25th. Please see the email that I forwarded to you earlier this week for more details. 
  3. Please help your student reach their reading goal for September. Goals were attached to reading logs in Take-Home folders earlier this week.


September 6:

  1. We will start ice cream next week. (I completely forgot for this week.) Your student must have money in their account to get ice cream. Students will not be allowed to charge their account this year. If your do not want your student to get ice cream, please let me know.
  2. We are starting reading assessments on Monday. This year since they will be one the computer, it would be extremely helpful if our class could have some headphones so we can have multiple students assess at one time. If you would like to help, please send it a pair on Monday so we can make this process as quick and painless as possible. (Preferably the over the ear kind, not the ear bud kind.)
  3. As the first nine weeks is halfway over, our class is beginning to collect items for our class store. If you would like to donate things, please send them in with your student as right now we only have a few things. (Stuffed animals, pencil boxes, small toys, books, jewelry, etc. will make great prizes!)
  4. Picture day will be on Wednesday, September 11th at 9:55 for our class. Please make sure orders are sent in on time. No late orders will be taken.
  5. Progress reports were sent home today. Please be sure to review these and send them back to school, SIGNED, on Monday. If your student did not receive their progress report in their folder it is because they owe the school money.
  6. Our class will be calculating “Star Readers” for the one girl and one boy who reads the most minutes per month. For the month of August, Derek and Peyton H. were our star readers!
  7. Homework started this week and for the most part, students did a great job turning things in. Please know that homework in third grade is not a choice as it is imperative students are practicing the skills they are learning in school at home. We will be very strict with our late policy regarding homework this year (found in our class handbook). If work is turned in incomplete, students will get a 0.


August 30:

  1. Please do not forget that students will need to bring their recorders for music class the Tuesday after Labor Day.
  2. Homework will be starting next week! Students will be bringing home a homework packet each Monday with a reading passage/questions, a math worksheet (and a homework helper for parents) and a list of spelling words. Students will be asked to complete a word study activity each night at home. Students may choose what activity they do each night from the choice board located in your students’ Take-Home Folder. All homework is due each Friday.
  3. Spelling lists will be assigned for two weeks at a time. Students will take a quiz on the first Friday and a test on the second Friday. The whole class will not have the same list this year. Lists will be assigned based on what your student needs.
  4. Monday is Labor Day, which means there will be no school!
  5. Our class won second place for PAWS for the month of August. This is a new thing River Mill is doing this year to recognize classes who are doing the right thing and showing “PAWS” throughout the school. Our class set our August goal at 10 PAWS and we earned 11! WAY TO GO!!


August 23:


  1. Reading logs only need to be filled out Monday-Friday but I have told the class they should be reading at home every day.
  2. We will be pushing for multiplication facts to be memorized starting sometime in October. For right now, we are learning to understand the “why” behind multiplication and division work so that facts make sense to students. There is no point in memorizing facts without knowing the mechanics behind multiplication and division.
  3. Students will need their recorders for music class by the Tuesday after Labor Day. That is September 3rd. You can buy a recorder in town at Don’s Music City or at Music and Arts. If all else fails, Amazon.com certainly sells them.
  4. Students worked very hard on the beginning of division this week in math. I have uploaded a homework helper on the class website to be used at home for extra practice. I would highly encourage students to practice at home to support their learning in school.
  5. Cookie Dough fundraisers are due back to school next Friday, September 30th.


August 16th:


  1. Students did a great job this week remembering their Take-Home folders. Take Home folders have two sides labeled for papers that need to go home and papers that need to be returned to school. Please pay attention to this as it makes Mrs. T’s job easier :-)
  2. We will not have daily snack this year in third grade.
  3. Your student should have brought information home on Wednesday about the BOG. We will be going through a practice booklet on Monday so students are familiar with the format of the test. Please make sure your student is ON TIME on Wednesday, August 21st.
  4. I have attached a math newsletter to our weekly email to review what we covered in math this week as far as multiplication. I would encourage your student to practice the strategies we have learned so far to solve multiplication problems at home (drawing arrays, drawing groups, repeated addition, number bonds).
  5. Students brought home information about the Cookie Dough fundraiser on Thursday afternoon. Please let me know if you did not receive this information.
  6. Students will need their own recorder for music class this year. Please send that in as soon as possible.
  7. Since I am new to River Mill, I will not be officially in PowerSchool until payroll goes through at the end of August. This means I can not put grades up until then. Thank you for your patience.
  8. Thank you to everyone who has sent in extra things for our classroom this year. Your support is greatly appreciated!


August 9th:

  1. Take-Home folders will be going home on Monday. Please be sure to send this folder back to school with your student everyday. Students will be keeping track of their behavior, reading logs, homework, notes, etc. in these folders.
  2. Reading logs will go home on Monday. Please have your student read for at least 20 minutes each night and record it on their log.
  3. Written homework will start in September. Please have your student start filling out their reading log on Monday.
  4. I am still learning how to update our class website but hope to complete that this weekend. I will also be posting our weekly updates on there once it is up and running.
  5. We will start ice cream in September. There will be more information on this to come.
  6. Please send your student with a water bottle to school. This is especially important right now as our recess time is at the end of the day, four days a week, and it is very hot outside. We have water bottle holders for each student in our room to help keep track of them.