6th Grade Health

Welcome to Middle School and 6th Grade Health

TEST ON FRIDAY! Chapter One notes! Power Point will be posted on Thursday!


This will be a short fill in the blank definition quiz with the vocabulary from the previous week. It will be 8 questions long and will have a word bank.

We will begin each day with a thought provoking QOD that will be collected at the beginning of class. 

Today's Assignment

Assignment #1

Create a short dialogue between two friends or family members. In the conversation one or both of the parties should have dialogue that suggests they have poor health in one of the aspects of health. (Physical, Mental and Emotional). The dialogue needs to be at least 10 lines. Make sure your name and date is in the top right hand corner!


Bob: …….

Molly: ….

Bob: …..

Molly: ……

Project #1 DUE FRIDAY

Create a Poster on Construction Paper (given in class) on the effects of poor mental/emotional health on a person’s body. The poster needs to include the following:

  • A Title: Effects of Poor Mental/Emotional Health
  • Colorful Pictures of at least 4 effects (the ones listed in your notes)
  • Description of what is drawn
  • A positive suggestion to someone who has poor mental/emotional health. (Ex: Try to find a new way to cope with stress such as…. Or Try to journal because…)