Marine Science

Marine Science 

River Mill Academy  
Pauline Johnson ( 
Course Description:
In this course, students will be presented with concepts of marine science that will build upon concepts learned in earth science and biology. The units of study will include Phase I: Understanding the Ocean and Its Processes, Phase II: Research and Analysis – Interpreting Satellite Imagery and Analyzing Animal Movements and Phase III: Understanding Human Impacts on the Ocean.  Students will learn through a variety of methods including reading, lecture, media, discussion, critical thinking activities
and laboratory work.    
Marine Science: The Dynamic Ocean 
(Authored by Meghan E. Marrero, Ed.D & Glen Schuster, M.S.) 

Required Materials:

*Revised for Distance Learning

School Issued Laptop

Composition Notebook (optional)

Coastal Marine Science Field Trip

One of the highlights of this course has been a coastal field trip experience.  Due to the uncertainty of this time period (caused by the COVID-19 pandemic), we are prohibited from student travel during the fall semester.  If the opportunity opens in the spring for travel I will share all the relevant information at a later date.