Class Syllabi

8th Grade Language Arts

8th 2021 2022 Syllabus.pdf - Click the link to open the PDF

I believe in a “whole literacy approach” to teaching Language Arts. A student’s typical day will include reading, writing, and G.U.M. (grammar, usage, and mechanics) lessons. Throughout the year, students will explore and come to feel confident with the concepts of literature circles and class literature seminars. We will read from both primary and secondary sources, and delve into the purposes of written works (i.e. persuasive, informative, and narrative).  We will also explore a variety of genres and read works by diverse authors. 

  • Language Arts students will need to bring an independent reading book to class EVERY day.  This can be a book they choose to read for their own enjoyment outside of school (as long as it is appropriate for school). 
  • We will be reading at least 4 novels this year. I do suggest purchasing these novels from Amazon or the local bookstore. Annotating will be easier when you can write in the book. 


6th Social Studies

6th 2021 2022 Syllabus.pdf - Click the link to open the PDF

Although the curriculum taught will cover world history from early man through Medieval Times, we will also examine how world culture, societies, and geography have impacted who WE are, and how people interact. My class will include lecture, critical thinking response activities, interactive notebooks, STEM connectivity projects, and simulations. Simulations are activities that actually let the students LIVE history. During these simulations, students will be placed in scenarios where they will need to strategize, and make critical decisions. They will develop a stronger connection to what life was like during the time periods being discussed. Simulations also help students to learn from the past and feel that they can contribute to the future of our world. The STEM projects will involve building and using math and critical thinking skills to recreate systems and structures that have helped shape our modern society.

Order of Study-

The following is the anticipated order of the units for this class:

Unit 1 -Social Studies 101- Uncovering Past, Geography, Basics

Unit 2- Stone Age and Early Culture

Unit 3 -Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent

Unit 4- Ancient Egypt and Kush

Unit 5- The Hebrews and Judaism

Unit 6-Early India

Unit 7- Ancient China

Unit 8- Ancient Greece

Unit 9- Ancient Rome

Unit 10- Early African Civilization

Unit 11- Islamic Civilization

Unit 12- Early Mesoamerican and South American Civilizations

Unit 13- The Early People of North America

Unit 14- The Middle Ages