Behavioral and Academic Expectations

isten and follow directions the first time they’re given.  ​

Enter and exit prepared (every day!)​

Always do your best work. ​
Respect yourself, others, and our classroom.​

No excuses!

1. Each student is expected to arrive to class on time, enter in an orderly manner, and sit in his or her assigned seat. 
2. Each student is expected to be prepared for class by bringing all materials, including their independent reading book, composition notebook, language arts folder, pencil, planner, and anything else otherwise stated by the teacher.
3. Each class period will begin with a Warm Up activity. Directions will be displayed on the board and students should begin working immediately. 


4. Each student is expected to play a positive role in the classroom by actively participating in discussions, staying focused on activities and assignments, and paying attention during instruction.
5. Each student is responsible for their own learning. This means students should be in the habit of keeping track of assignments and due dates, properly preparing for tests and quizzes, asking questions and for help when needed, checking their grades on PowerSchool, and setting up times to make up any missed quizzes or tests because of an absence.

In our classroom, we will use the CHAMPS system in order for me to clearly communicate to students what they should be doing at any point in time during the class period. While there is a poster on display at the front of the classroom, it is also here for your perusal. Students will be expected to know and understand these guidelines.

C: Conversation (volume and nature of speaking)
H: Help (how to ask for and receive help)
A: Activity (what your actions should be)
M: Movement (how you should move around the classroom)
P: Participation (how you should participate)
S: Success!

  Warm Up  Teacher Instruction Partner/Group Work Independent Work
C  Low voices Silence (unless teacher calls on you to speak) 12 inch voices, speak only with group members Silence
H   Ask a friend or come to teacher Raise hand and wait to be called on Ask partner or group members, then raise hand if you still need help (keep working while you wait) Raise hand and keep working while you wait
A  Use time wisely to complete the task    Sit up
   Lean forward and
   Ask questions
   Track teacher    
   with your eyes
Work with partner or group members to complete the task; use time wisely Use time wisely to complete assigned task on your own
M  Move as needed to get materials to complete task without disturbing others Stay seated Move as needed to get materials to complete task without disturbing others Move as needed to get materials to complete task without disturbing others
P  As directed (independently, partner work, etc.) As directed (ex: turn to talk with shoulder partner, write down your thoughts, etc.) Work as a team Work independently