What Are We Learning?

Winter Theme Week:

Image result for reindeer clipartMonday is Reindeer Day.  We will be learning about reindeer and making a poster, playing reindeer math games, and making reindeer food!

Image result for candy cane clipart Tuesday is Candy Cane Day.  We will be learning about how candy canes are made, play candy cane math games, and do a candy cane science experiment!

Image result for hot chocolate clipart Wednesday is Hot Chocolate Day.  We will be learning about the history of hot chocolate, playing hot chocolate math games, and doing a hot chocolate experiment.

Image result for gingerbread clipart Thursday is Gingerbread Day.  We will be reading different versions of the Gingerbread Man, create a gingerbread man by solving math problems, and making a gingerbread house!

Image result for snow clipart Friday is Snow Day. We will be learning about snow, reading fiction books about snowman, playing a snowman math matching game, and watching Happy Feet.