Pirate News

Important Dates!

End of Module test Friday November 22nd.
Spelling test Friday November 22nd

What We’re Learning:

CAFE:  We will be learning about context clues and the types of clues you can use to help you determine the meaning of a word.

MATH:   We will finish up Module 3.  We will spend most of the week reviewing and then test on Friday.

WRITING:  We will be writing about a turkey over the next few weeks.  They are doing a roll a story which means they roll a dice to determine the setting and plot.

SCIENCE:  Will return after report cards.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Native American unit

VOCAB/SPELLING:  Students need to continue studying the same spelling words.  These will be words they have seen before, because we are starting to review the spelling patters we have taught thus far.

Notes from Miss Maness: