Pirate News

Important Dates!

Math quiz Friday August 23rd. 
CAFE quiz Friday August 23rd.

What We’re Learning:

CAFE:  We will begin learning how to ask and answer questions while reading.  I use RUNNERS in my classroom as a reading strategy.  Its a great way to get them thinking about the passage before reading it.  We will be learning how to restate the question in our answer and answer all the components of a question.

MATH:   We start multiplication.  We will be learning the 2's and the 3's.  Please start practicing these at home. We will continue multiplication and introduce division.

WRITING:  We will be learning about the writing process and writing about our summer vacation.

SCIENCE:  We will begin after progress reports

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We will be learning about our local government.


Notes from Miss Maness:

Start practicing those multiplication facts!  I will start quizzing them in September.