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Welcome! The adventure awaits in 4th grade! 

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Vocabulary Test Monday
Math Quiz Fractions Monday

Current class vocabulary list below! 
  1. Requested- an act of asking politely or formally for something
    • I requested more napkins for the table at the restaurant.


  2. Evacuated- remove (someone) from a place of danger to a safer place.

    remove air, water, or other contents from (a container).

    • I evacuated the building during the fire.


  3. Shallow- of little depth.

    An area of water that is not very deep.

    • Their personality seemed shallow.


  4. Parched- dried out with heat.

    Very thirsty

    • I felt parched after I ran a mile under the hot sun.


  5. Civilian- a person not in the armed services or the police force.
    • I am not in the Army, so I am a civilian.


  6. Abandoned- having been deserted or left alone, no one lives there.
    • The old abandoned house was starting to fall apart.


  7. Exhausted- drained of one's physical or mental resources; very tired.
    • I felt exhausted after staying awake all night.


  8. Provisions- thing supplied or provided.
    • We were given our provisions at camp so we had plenty of food and water.


  9. Vengeance- punishment for an injury or a wrong you have done.
    • My little brother came back with a vengeance after I broke his toy to tell on me.


  10. Instinct- A behavior you are born with. A feeling you have that you know and trust.
    • My instinct told me to run when there was danger.


  11. Intruding- To come in without invitation or permission.
    • I was intruding my sister’s room when I went in without asking.


  12. Engulfed- To cover or completely surround it. To eat or swallow something whole
    • I engulfed the whole donut in under a minute.


  13. Appetizing- something that looks, or smells good to eat.
    • When I saw the shrimp pasta it looked appetizing.


  14. Vanish- disappear suddenly and completely.
    • The car vanished out of sight as it drove down the road.


  15. Glancing- A quick hurried look.
  • I glance at the books before I pick one out to read.



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