Late Work Policy

Late Work Policy


Long term assignments:

Due on Monday of the following week. Students will normally have from Monday to Monday to complete their work.

NOTE: Students are allowed two days past the due date to turn in long term assignments.  However, 20 points will be deducted each day from the student's work. After the third day the assignment is an automatic and permanent zero.

  Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday

Grade 100 80 60 0 0

Day(s) Late



 Two Three Four Five

When students are ABSENT:

- Students who are absent have three days from the day they were absent to turn in assignments.  

- Students should get any missed notes for lab members on the day they return to school. 

- Students should ask teacher about the work they missed on the day they were absent.  It is strongly recommended that students stay for after school tutoring to get caught up when they miss a day of school. 

- If a student was present when the assignment was assigned and yet absent the day the assignment is due the student will still be held accountable for turning in his/her work. 

- Students have the ability to send in assignments digitally using office 365 and are permitted send in work even if they are absent.  Parents may e-mail me if a situation arises where the student is unable to send the assignment in via drop box.

- I will be entering assignments turned in on time, to Power School, from Monday - Friday so you can check for accurate grades on Friday from the week before.  Assignments will be graded according to effort and the date they were turned in.