Paula Horning

        Washington DC Trip 
Spring will be here and the field trip of a life time is coming soon. Please sign up if you have not so your student can experience a once in a lifetime trip. They will come back with exciting stories and historical facts that they will never forget. 
              Holiday Season
We will be doing a lot of fun activities. Watch for opportunities to help!! Students tell Ms. Horning-Winter is here for money!!
5th grade sings The 12 Days of Christmas for Christmas Program
11/25 States and Capitals Test for the Southern and Northeastern States
Explorers Test in Social Studies 11/22
Go to Administration to show you know the multiplication facts for 2-12. Know all of them before Christmas Break and you will get a big REWARD!
ALWAYS remember to DO YOUR BEST!
Good, Better, Best
Never let it rest!
Until your Good is Better and
YOUR Better is BEST!!!