Kim Loy

Welcome to Kindergarten!!

Here’s what’s happening this week:


Theme: Christmas (we will be making lots of crafts throughout the week so be sure to check your child’s folder/bookbag)


Literacy Skill: Identify last sound in a word

                    Recognize long and short vowels

                    Blending 3 sounds in a word (orally
                    and visually)


Sight Words: Reviewing previously taught words😊


Math: Capacity


Writing:  Using Christmas anchor chart to write
      sentences independently

     Needs/Wants Guided Writing


 Important Dates to Remember:

Friday, December 13th: Field trip to the Graham Cinema to watch the Polar Express….students may wear their Pajamas and will not need a bookbag. If students are returning to school, please make sure they have a bag lunch and tennis shoes for recess.


Monday, December 16th: Please send in all items for
our class party and the wrapped book (girls bring a book for a girl, boys bring a book for a boy… REMEMBER, do 
NOT write names on the book. They will go in a pile and students will chose one based on the number they draw).


Tuesday, December 17th: Class Christmas
Party….1:00 in our classroom


Wednesday, December 18th: K-5 Christmas
Program at 9:00 in the High School Gym. Doors open at 8:30.  Please do not come to the classroom or wait outside the
 room. We will be practicing and do not want you to hear😉


        We would like for students to wear red and green    for the program. If they have, or if you can find, reindeer antlers (headband, hat, etc.), please have them wear them as well.


Students may be signed out after the program in the classroom. School dismisses at 11:30 for those who are staying.


Thursday, December 19-Thursday, January 2nd:
Christmas Break


Friday, January 3rd- Return from break

Happy Learning!
     Mrs. Loy